Lixouri is the second largest town of Kefalonia, situated west of Argostoli. Argostoli and Lixouri have been rivals for many years arguing about who will be the capital of Kefalonia, when the Venetians decided to move the capital from St George’s castle. Today, it counts 3000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and tourism. The town lies around the blue bay of Argostoli. Ferries connect the two destinations.

The beautiful town of Lixouri was built on the site where the ancient city of Pali used to be, one of the four principal cities of Kefalonia during ancient times, along with Krani, Proni and Sami. Due to the major earthquake of 1953 the city was destroyed and only a couple of buildings survived and can still be seen today. Plenty of restaurants and barslie at the busy coast line.. The main square Plateia Petritsi is at the centre of attention surrounded by many old-fashioned cafes. It is well-known for its rich cultural tradition and hosts one of the oldest philharmonic schools in Greece. Around  the village you can find old churches with nice frescoes, an archeological museum, neoclassical buildings and the famous Monastery of Kipoureon which is an ideal place for isolation. For swimming you can visit the beautiful beach of Lepeda, Xi and Mega Lakos located in close distance from the village, as well as the Petani beach at the west part of the peninsula.

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