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Our Company

At Kefalonia Hotels4U, our aim is to find for you the perfect holiday experience for all types of holiday maker.

Our knowledge of every Hotel and Apartment in Kefalonia Island featured in our portfolio, allows us to offer unique in-depth knowledge, unparalleled insider access and the personal service for which is renowned.

Book your perfect holidays in Kefalonia! Stunning beaches and vibrating lifestyle. Romantic days and nights with unlimited fun in a moderate background. Safe solo, couple or family activities merging with the real Kefalonia atmosphere. And there is more to come.

Expert stamp

All Hotels in Kefalonia are hand-picked, quality to satisfy even the most discerning customers. This means that one of our experts has stayed at the Hotel and confirmed it meets our standards. Our experts test all those details that would concern anybody before booking a Hotel, ensuring a pleasant, highly above average stay: Position, view, in Hotels comforts & practical amenities, furniture, water pressure, attention to hygiene, services quality.

Local Agent Stamp

All packages and activities are designed under the consulting of well-informed Local Agents, willing to share their insight and valuable tips. These people have been living in Kefalonia for years, incorporating the local spirit while fully into the vibes of the island lifestyle and contemporary culture.

Combined Experience

With carefully picked activities and destinations, always caring for your special style and needs, our packages and tours are designed to get the most out of Kefalonia while creating amazing experiences.

24/7 Local Support

Call us any time – we’re here 24 hours to help you.

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